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Dear colleagues,

Want to build your professional network and learn about librarianship around the world? Love the idea of professional travel but just don’t have the budget? The International Librarians Network (ILN) is for you. ILN pleased to announce the next round of this popular program will commence in mid-August 2015.

The ILN peer mentoring program is a facilitated programs aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. Participating in the ILN brings wider professional awareness, an international perspective to your work, new ideas, and increased professional confidence. We know this because many of our participants tell us – and we’ve had over 2500 librarians from 110 countries take part so far.

Peer mentoring helps professionals develop partnerships and grow their network. The ILN uses a model where all participants are treated as equals who have valuable experiences to share. This means that partners are not placed into established mentor/protégé roles, but rather are encouraged to view their partnership as a way to learn from each other; all are mentors and all are protégés.

So why participate in a peer mentoring program?

Peer mentoring can allow you to:
1.     rediscover your own valuable skills by sharing your experiences with your partner
2.    learn a different perspective on your profession
3.    build your network
4.    reinvigorate the passion your career
5.    develop your professional skills

Applications for the next round of partnerships program i.e from August to December 2015 are being accepted now and close at midnight on Sunday 26th July 2015 (Sydney, Australia time) - just two day  away! . Numbers are limited, so apply early to ensure you don’t miss out.

This email is to remind you. If you have already applied for the program, please ignore this email.  Participation in the program is free and open to anyone working or studying in libraries and their related fields. The only requirements are an internet connection, English fluency, one hour each week to communicate with your partner, and a willingness to share and learn with colleagues around the world.

If you've enjoyed your participation in the last round, why not sign up for another partner, and continue building an international professional network. Tell your colleagues about the program as well, and get the benefits of shared professional development.

You can find out more about how the program works here: 

Or you can explore our Frequently Asked Questions here:

Applications can be submitted online here:

If you have additional questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact us at  / .

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. Kishor Satpathy
ILN Ambassador- India

NIT Silchar

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